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'Houston Strong' Prints

benefitting the 24k Baseball Club

The Art Studio of jasonROBICHAU is teaming up with the 24K Baseball Club to help raise funds for the team. A portion of the proceeds from the limited edition lithograph and giclee prints of Jason’s newest painting of the 2017 World Series Champion Houston Astros titled, “Houston Strong” will go to the team. From each print purchased, 40% will go directly to the 24k Baseball Club. Simply add the print to your cart to get one of these limited edition prints while helping the kids of the 24k Baseball Club!

Artist Statement

Growing up in Houston, my earliest sporting memories revolve around the Houston Astros. Dressed up in my Astros jersey, my family and I would go to games at the Astrodome. The feeling that would come over you as you walked into the dome's dark concourse and the field was so bright and green, like Heaven was shining a light down on it, is unexplainable.   I can remember the distinct sound that Nolan Ryan's fastball made rocketing through the air. My dad had a way of predicting every Jose Cruz (my favorite player at the time) or Glenn Davis' home runs. Plain and simple, the Astros were a big part of my childhood!


I vividly remember watching the 1986 NLCS on tv and the heartbreak of losing in 16 innings to the Mets. The killer B years brought so much promise but we could never get over the hump. The 2005 season was special but being swept in the World Series left a bitter taste. All these experiences made this year's team and the way that the won the championship all the more special. It was such a fun team to watch! My goal with this painting was to capture the essence of this team while also paying homage to the players that paved the way. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it!


Best Regards



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