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"We Want Houston" comes in two different print types: lithograph print and giclee print. 


The lithograph print in a high-quality print on 80lb.(thick) glossy paper. 


The giclee print (pronounced zhe-klay) is a high-quality print on archival canvas that uses millions of ink droplets per square inch. The giclee printing process can produce up to 16 million colors, creating brilliant color saturation that is the next best thing to the original.


Hand Embellished- A giclee print in which I re-paint a certain portion of the painting on the print. Each print is done uniquely so they each are original without having to pay the price for an original painting.


For this painting, I am giving customers the option to customize their print with a personalized image or two to include in the background of the painting. For the lithograph prints, there is a $25 fee for the customization. There is no additional fee to customize the giclee prints.

"We Want Houston" prints

  • Product Description

    Below are the sizes and options for each print option:

    "We Want Houston" Lithograph Print

    Image Size: 16x24"

    Edition Size: 2,022


    "We Want Houston" Giclee Print

    Image Size: 20x30"

    Edition Sizes:

    Regular Edition: 99

    Hand Embellished: 10

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