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'L3GACY' Lithograph Print

The Art Studio of jasonROBICHAU presents to you Jason's painting, "L3GACY" featuring the 2001 National Champion Duke Blue Devils. For a very limited time, we are offering a limited edition lithograph print of the painting for half off ($25). In addition, the first 100 people to order a print will receive a limited edition lithograph print of Jason's painting, "Who's Your Daddy? Battier" for FREE. Simply add both prints to your cart and use Coupon Code: L3GACYGIFT to take part in this exclusive offer and get two of Jason's paintings for only $25 (a $100 value)! 

Artist Statement

As a life-long Duke fan, I've watched pretty much every Duke basketball game since I was a kid and for most part, I can't tell you much about the night of the game. However, the 2001 Championship game sticks about clearly in my mind. I was invited by a group of friends after a school function to watch the game at a bar but had to turn them down because I could only watch the game by myself in the comfort of my house. My brother and I were in college at the time and shared a townhouse with popcorn ceilings. When he returned later that night after the game, he walked in to a floor full of sheetrock kernels. He asked me what happened and I said, "they won the game!" Yes, I spent the entire night standing in front of the TV jumping up and hitting the ceiling every time we had a big steal, block, or shot. It was an amazing game!


As I've set out to commemorate each of the 5 Duke championship[s, this particular team has a special place with me. For one, I am around the same age as most of them and secondly, this team is full of some of my favorite Duke players of all time. I loved every second of researching the pictures for the background and foreground and reminiscing over this great Duke team. I am very proud of what turned out and  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it!


 Best Regards and Go Duke!



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