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"Flyin' Zion" Lithograph Prints

The Art Studio of jasonROBICHAU presents to you Jason's newest painting "Flyin' Zion" depicting Duke sensation Zion Williamson completing a 360 degree dunk. We are selling a limited number of lithograph  prints individually signed and numbered by Jason. There are two print sizes available: 12x18" ($25) and 16x24" ($50).  To own one of these these commemorative prints, simply add the print(s) to your cart, choose the size of print that you desire,  and follow the checkout process. Act quickly as these won't last long!

Artist Statement

I've been a basketball fan for most of my life. In all of the years that I've watched basketball, I've never seen a player quite like Zion Williamson. Anytime that he gets a breakaway, I find myself inching towards the edge of my seat in anticipation of the spectacular dunk that I am about to witness. As was the case on January 5, 2019 when Zion stole the ball from a Clemson player and did the most electrifying in-game 360 degree dunk that I have ever seen. The next day, I looked up pictures of the dunk and was blown away with how far away from the basket he took off, how his head was still at the rim after completing the 360 degree turn, and how powerful the dunk was! At that point, I knew that I had to do a painting this particular dunk. My goal with the painting was to show a 360 degree view of every aspect of the dunk while highlighting the grace and power of it. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it!


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